I can’t believe it’s a year to go before THE day.

(Well, to be exact, it’s a year minus 1 day, since I was faffing around with the name of this blog.)

Thanks to the ingenious (and I must say, rather cunning) Future Husband, we now have a Wedding Sunday where we discuss wedding matters, so I haven’t felt the insane urge to drop wedding ideas into every conversation we have. Or worse *gasp*, during a crucial moment of  a Halo game.

Still, ths blog is born because it is nice to have my little wedding indulgence once in a while, and it will be nice to read this again when all is over and I’ve had a few weeks planning nothing, burying my toes in warm sand and getting the smell of the sea in my hair.

So. Quick facts –

1. We are getting married on 8 September 2011.

2. Singapore was where we met, Singapore was where he proposed, and Singapore is where we shall get married.

3. Being Chinese Muslims living in London whose first dance together was hip-thrusting and arm flailing to Bollywood hits, the wedding is going to be a mishmash affair.

Watch this space!