Style Me Pretty, which I have been reading religiously ever since I was engaged to Mr Pinky (why would a grown man allow himself to be called Pinky, you ask. I’ll save this for another post), has recently featured a wedding which is almost like what I had in mind! A small cosy affair, lots of candles, table decor, even the shoes are almost what I would have bought for myself (complete with ruffles/corsage and ankle tie).

I’ve nicked some images as inspiration from Gladys and Lemuel’s wedding, with lovely photography by Yasmin Khajavi.

Soft pinks, peaches and greens. I like.

I love the shoes!

Candles with laid-back but pretty florals

Beautiful arrangement

Pinky and I will be having an intimate do for about 80 guests, and we have already booked our venue. Though funny how weddings don’t always turn out exactly how you envisaged it to be (seems the case with both our venue and my wedding gown!)

Although I am not one of those girls who’ve been planning my wedding ever since I was 5, I did know I want a garden wedding and I wanted lavender as confetti – so I can release wafts of the aromatic herb as I saunter down the aisle. I was also adamant not to have a hotel wedding banquet, like (almost) the rest of Singapore does.

Pinky and I both had the same idea of our ideal wedding — a tiny wedding just for family, in Mas de Anez, a chateau in Provence where we had spent a beautiful spring, complete with rusty chandelier hanging from a big old tree, and rows of olive trees and lavender bushes. But.. not all my family can make the long journey.. so, sadly, no.

Then I found Burkill Hall, a beautiful colonial black and white house in Singapore, set amidst lush orchid gardens, and recently renovated. It was chocolate-box-perfect. I was in love. Even though I was dripping with perspiration from the long walk and humid weather. It’s OK, we can arrange airconditioned transport for our guests. Oh, it’s renovated but instead of one storey with aircon, there’s now NO airconditioning except for the changing room. Nice. Sweaty bride and groom, sweaty guests. Not a good look. If our Singaporean guests can’t stand the heat, our friends from abroad won’t. Disappointing.

As a last resort, having exhausted all non-hotel venues, I checked out the Sheraton Towers, since we had been to Sheraton Krabi right after the proposal and enjoyed our stay. There was a beautiful waterfall garden, the service was impeccable, food was great, and we could get an entire package so I won’t be pulling my hair out planning our wedding from 10,863km away. So we are having a drab function room for our small guest list, but I am hoping we will be able to transform it into something memorable. And there, I said no hotels, but we are having the wedding at a hotel. I’m not complaining. I’ve learnt to keep my options open and expect the unexpected.