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What cute wedding cake toppers from Lace & Rubbish. Hardly rubbish. I love how individualistic these are.


My heart still skips a beat when I see these Badgley Mischka heels.

But at a towering height of 5″ (I barely wear 3″ heels even), my heart will be pounding when I walk trot down the aisle. I will undoubtedly need a crash course walking in these, and even then, I’m not sure I won’t fall flat on my face with 80 pairs of eyes on me.

Soooo…in the meantime, I can only slobber over this beauty. Sighhhhh….~

Not just because we are back in Singapore making decisions on every tiny wedding detail a year too early, but also because it is like treading on eggshells when it comes to customs and the money involved in it.

I had started writing a long rant… but decided not to publish it. After all, both families have the interests of their children at heart. It just doesn’t help that our families are at different levels and understanding when it comes down to these customs. And yes, I’ve learnt the hard way that weddings aren’t just about two people! At least not in Chinese society. cut the long story short, as much as Mum hasn’t found the experience particularly pleasant, I’ve squeezed out all the information I need from her regarding these customs.

Pinky will need to be pulling these out of his arse:

1. Pin Jin (super important, apparently determines how much Pinky values me. Part of it will be returned to him/his family)

2. Nappy money or sometimes literally called ‘wash-backside-money’ (Smaller amount than Pin Jin but still needs to be substantial..and that could mean anything can’t it!)

3. Si Dian Jin or Four Pieces of Gold (Traditional set of yellow gold ring, pair of earrings, bangle, necklace.. looks hideous; nowadays can be a set of white gold or rose gold jewelry)

4. And then there are all the red packets for brother opening groom’s car door; bridesmaids/jiemeis for opening the front door; helpers; for the whole family when returning to the bride’s house the second time round; and of course as we are not going to get most of the things required for Guo Da Li they will be substituted by more red packets. I’m sure there are more!

PLUS, as we are having our Muslim solemnisation where Pinky has to marry me with a Mahr (also like dowry) which will be on show *gasp*.. there’s that to come out of his nose. Would be simpler if we could have the Chinese dowry in place of the Mahr, but it needs to be given 2 weeks prior on an auspicious date instead.

So…they say weddings are ‘once in a lifetime’..thank God for that! And of course I do hope this is the first and last.


I was image-googling for a project at work when I found this today – A bridezilla cake eating contest!! :O

As much as I LOOOOOOVE cake, you will never see me gorging my face with cake (but only because I will be doing so behind the closed doors of our private bridal suite).

Choosing a wedding cake, AND cake sampling, has got to be my FAVOURITE part of wedding planning. It makes me happy, all those beautiful pictures of perfectly formed and iced cakes on the web. I could almost be licking my screen. But choosing our wedding cake is a slightly tricky task. Simply because our cake has got to be both halal and vegetarian.

That rules out a lot of cake companies that make beautiful cakes, such as canele or The Patissier. But I have found a couple, and have already called them up to make appointments for cake-tasting when we fly home. Though really, two isnt’t enough is it? Ten will be more like it. 😉

First up, we have Caffe Pralet from Creative Culinaire Cooking School. And we have already decided from their webpage that we want a chocolate ganache cake with buttercream frosting. Next, we will also be meeting Chef Norsini from Apparently they have mastered the art of chocolate fondant for their cakes. mmmm!

We have yet to decide how the cake will look like, though we agreed that we prefer something classic. This after Pinky threw out the idea of a profiterole croquembouche (says it looks like a pile of horse poo!), anything too boho, or over-creative. Which is perfectly fine with me. At least it will not be a boring fruitcake with marzipan. Or *gasp* a styrofoam cake. But I think it will be great if we can have a cake that borrows elements from my wedding dress :).

Anyway, here are some styles of wedding cakes (this is by no means an exhaustive compilation). In the next post I will try and have a list of Singapore wedding cake bakers!

Top row from left: cupcake tiers; macarons piled onto a cake (check out that greedy hand!); individual cakes which can also be tiered; wedding cake with fruits as decorations

Bottom row from left: novelty cake inspired by temari balls (signature of Maki’s Cakes); such a cute little cake!; croquembouche (I think I might have to agree with Pinky); simple, classic, beautiful cake… a little SATC with the ‘corsage’..ahh.

There are a handful of photographers who have inspired me.

One of them is shooting our wedding.

Another one of them, the only wedding photographer of the lot, but whom I can never afford, is Yitzhak Dalal.

Wedding photographer to many celebrities, he creates stunningly beautiful photos which radiates with the personality of the subject and draws you into the moment, yet is refreshingly different to all the wedding photography I have seen to date (and I have seen A LOT).

Since the beginning, Pinky and I knew we wanted a journalistic style of photography for our wedding. And I think Yitzhak’s photos embody everything we would like in the documentation of one of our most important moments in life together. We also love black and white photography..I always think they capture emotion much better because you don’t have the distraction of colour. But I think it might be wiser to have all our pictures in colour, and we can turn some into black and white pictures with a touch of Photoshop magic 🙂

No more babbling. Here, the pictures speak for themselves – just some of my favourites.

One of the interesting things I saw at the National Wedding Show on Sunday was The Video Kiosk from The Celebration Station.

Cheesy? Except the fact that it makes you look like you’re hosting a conference rather than a wedding, the results can be pretty good! Basically, people leave video messages for you as part of your video guestbook, and from the sample video they showed at the show, the clips can be pretty hilarious, provided your guests are anything but shy!

Here’s the link where you can find a sample video (not as creative as the one we saw).

It’s pretty new in the UK I believe, and I haven’t found any similar companies in Singapore that offers such kiosks for hire.

However, as an alternative, you can have photo booths for your guests at your wedding. In my earlier quest for one to keep guests entertained, I found The Party Papararazzi. (It’s probably the best mobile photo booth I’ve found, and pretty affordable too). The great thing is that they offer a treasure-boxful of crazy props, that even your grumpiest auntie will be striking her best pose with girlish giggles in oversized sunnies and a pink afro hairdo. They also have a cool selection of backdrops. Best of all, they are run by a couple of ladies with great charm and charisma. I say that from the first few emails I have exchanged with Evelyn, and from reading their blog. The only regret? We are not using them!

Pinky and I have are going DIY with our photo guestbook. We’ve got some ideas which I’m quite excited about, but I’m keeping mum for now! If like us, or many couples in the US/UK, you are happy to take on some stress of creating your own photo booth / photo guestbook area, check out these couple of posts from Green Wedding Shoes and Rock My Wedding.

I can’t believe it’s a year to go before THE day.

(Well, to be exact, it’s a year minus 1 day, since I was faffing around with the name of this blog.)

Thanks to the ingenious (and I must say, rather cunning) Future Husband, we now have a Wedding Sunday where we discuss wedding matters, so I haven’t felt the insane urge to drop wedding ideas into every conversation we have. Or worse *gasp*, during a crucial moment of  a Halo game.

Still, ths blog is born because it is nice to have my little wedding indulgence once in a while, and it will be nice to read this again when all is over and I’ve had a few weeks planning nothing, burying my toes in warm sand and getting the smell of the sea in my hair.

So. Quick facts –

1. We are getting married on 8 September 2011.

2. Singapore was where we met, Singapore was where he proposed, and Singapore is where we shall get married.

3. Being Chinese Muslims living in London whose first dance together was hip-thrusting and arm flailing to Bollywood hits, the wedding is going to be a mishmash affair.

Watch this space!