Wedding tv, magazines, married friends, fellow bloggers.. there is an enormous resource of wedding tips out there. So to keep my little brain from exploding with information overload, I am studiously listing down wise words of advice on this page as I receive them. Enjoy!


1. The whole event does not need to have exactly the same colours running through. Each room/area can have slightly different colour schemes which helps with the flow of the event as guests get ushered from one room to the next. For example, the cocktail area may have punchier colours whereas it gets more subtle and classy in the dinner reception room. (Sounds like a plan to me!)


1. If your wedding cake is not your only dessert, it is possible to have a cake that feeds less guests than your original guest list. Not everyone will eat cake anyway! (Although I wouldn’t mind keeping that extra cake to ourselves! *smacks lips*)

2. While having tiers of different flavours offers guests variety, you may run into the issue of not having enough of a popular flavour on the day. You’re not going to please everyone, so you should go for a flavours both of you like. (Exactly what we are doing…chocolate with ganache and buttercream frosting.. YUM!)


1. Stand straight, stand straight, stand straight! I’ve seen so many videos of wedding ceremonies where brides look slightly hunched over, especially if they’re wearing the popular strapless dress and their daily routine evolves sitting hunched over a laptop. Short of strapping a piece of wood to my back, I’ll be doing more yoga/pilates to improve my posture…and just making sure I’m always sat up straight at my computer!

2. Kickstart your beauty regime when you have 4 months to go. Aim to have a facial every 4 weeks, the last one a week before the wedding. (I can definitely do this!)

3. If you’re wearing statement pieces, keep your metals matching.


1. Suck it! I’m talking mints here. Not only does it keep nerves at bay, it keeps your mouth moist and minty fresh for The Kiss. But no chewing gum please! It is tacky, looks tacky, and might get stuck on your veil or dress or your groom’s hair.