so…I’m sorry, I tried. But I couldn’t get back to writing. You see, I am a very visual person.

Pinterest is where I’m at now, so if you happen to chance upon this blog and like what I had found before, you might like my new home.

till then! xx


We have a back garden. And although it’s really pretty, we’ve never really made much of it.

Except the occasional barbeque. Or frolicking on the grass, our faces and bare shoulders catching the rare summer sunshine.

When YJ visited during Christmas, she was amazed at the size of our garden. ‘You can keep a horse in here!’ Nay…no horses. Though we do get fox poo (because we stepped in one that evening).

It would be nice to host a movie evening. Like this:


Maybe. When summer comes. If the neighbours aren’t going to complain. 😀

2 weeks in 4000 photos in 2 minutes.

I love this holiday video by the talented Mike Matas.

And this would make such a cool wedding (or honeymoon) video. All you need (I think), are photos (lots of them! Especially if they were taken in quick succession), and iMovie. I’m going to go dig up all our wedding day photos again.

What cute wedding cake toppers from Lace & Rubbish. Hardly rubbish. I love how individualistic these are.

..with a nice touch of red!

What a pretty chair from Oka.


I haven’t been blogging.. but besides slogging my arse off, I’ve been busy with designing the bathroom, and now our bedroom. So since we have to try and squeeze a home office in for me, I’ve been looking for inspiration on the internet. I guess that’s what you’ll see in this space from now on..decor..and food.


Yay! We’re now featured on ExtraOrdinary Weddings!  Having been there, done that, and poured all our heart and soul into planning our big day, I can only hope there are brides out there who would find some inspiration from it.

And of course, if anyone ever needs tips from an ex-bride, just drop me a line!

I am attracted to taupe. I want taupe. For everything. First it was for our wedding. Then our bedsheets. Now our bathroom.

I believe I can compete with Kelly Hoppen for the title of ‘Queen of Taupe’. At the same time, I think that is why my heart gasped when I first saw her own house and real life makeovers on TV show ‘Superior Interiors with Kelly Hoppen’.

I’m now sat at the table with Mr P, surrounded by stacks of bathroom brochures and magazines. And supposedly doing research. He finally revealed his preferred colour scheme (After a whole month of brainwashing from me, no less). Taupe.

From the gallery of CP Hart
I fell in love with this bathroom from CP Hart the moment I saw it in the LivingEtc magazine.