This is a little overdue, but I finally found the time to photograph our painstakingly put-together wedding favors. And when I say painstakingly, I do mean every sense of the word.

Not content with just a standard box for our bird tea strainer favors from Sheraton, I had to give them a bit of oompah loompah. To complete the favor, we added a small packet of loose Earl Grey Tea (with pretty blue cornflowers!).

And brewing suggestions.

And a chiffon wrap.

And another personalised tag.

It’s all great..but who does most of the hard work? My poor mum. Two nights sat on the cold hard marble floor, twisting the peach packages into little works of art while she glances at the TV over the rim of her glasses. Because she ‘used to make clothes and doesn’t trust anyone else’ to do a better job than her. (Aren’t mums the greatest?)

So here are the photos:

copyright© backfullcircle

copyright© backfullcircle

copyright© backfullcircle

And what I made these with:

1. Chiffon or any other wrappable material – Bought from Chinatown

2. Satin ribbon – Bought from Chinatown

3. Plastic bags – Bought from shop that sells packing material, Eastpoint (or similar opposite Golden Landmark Shopping Centre)

4. Paper tag for tea bag – Paper from Fancy Papers, Bugis, designed and printed on home inkjet printer

5. Outer tag – Bought from ebay

6. Birds monogram – Customised stamp from Singapore Rubber Stamp Maker at Everton Park; turquoise stamp pad from Spotlight

7. Lots of love and hard work


Wow, it’s been a month since we got hitched.

Many times, I’ve been asked how married life has been for me.

I feel rooted. A sense of belonging. I have no reservations calling Pinky’s parents as Ma and Pa, or taking over the house as my own 😉

But perhaps the transition has been easy because I have lived with them for 7 years after all. It’s just that now it’s unlikely I’ll get thrown out of the house if I make a bad meal since I’m no longer just a ‘girlfriend’. (Just kidding, I have never been mistreated.)

So, married life..feels good.




Before we returned to Singapore for our wedding, Mr P’s sister and brother-in-law gifted us a photobook voucher. Since we were only getting soft copies of our photos from our photographer friend, this was perfect for putting memories onto paper.

I’ve seen so many websites for photobooks, but this one makes a real impression. It can be as easy as dropping pictures into a fixed template or be completely customisable using an Adobe InDesign plug-in. I would have gone for the latter option, except I had one day to throw all our pictures together in the book, since the voucher was fast expiring!

Soft or hard cover, standard or premium papers, the choice is all yours. I can’t wait to receive our book in the post.

In the meantime, here’s the link for our photos!


And I think our wedding pictures pretty much sum up the many moments and emotions on that one day.

Finally, here are a few favourites.

©Adrian Seah 2011

©Adrian Seah 2011

©Adrian Seah 2011

©Adrian Seah 2011

©Adrian Seah 2011

©Adrian Seah 2011

©Adrian Seah 2011


©Adrian Seah 2011

©Adrian Seah 2011

©Adrian Seah 2011

© Mrs Pinky

And here’s just a teaser from our whirlwind photoshoot at Sheraton Towers.

A moment together, just the two of us (besides our photographer), after the whole gatecrashing craziness.

I really shouldn’t be blogging on the first day of my honeymoon.

But I didn’t want to forget the details.

It feels so surreal that the day we had been planning 18 months for was over in a flash, and I wish I could go back to savour it over and over again.

It was a mad panic up till the last minute the night before, with me frantically trying to trim escort cards so they can fit into their envelopes (printer got it wrong somehow), tagging bags of props for the bridal party, amongst a substantial list of to-dos or to-checks.

But when the 8th of September arrive, I was cool as a cucumber. One of the best things I did was to visit the reception room before the ceremony, while everything was being set up.  Seeing the ideas come to life before me, as my lovely bridesmaids and jiemies bustle around to add the finishing touches, I felt truly blessed.

The floral decorations turned out exactly how I wanted them to be, if not better. The cake looked and tasted divine. The live band was superb. The weather held out and we had a beautiful ceremony by the waterfall (IMO). The photo props went down a treat (even with my grandma!!). Pinky’s sister and family made it in the end. Everything ran like clockwork. Our friends and family were there to make it all a perfect day for us. The speeches from the bestmen and Pinky were both funny and touching. Really..we couldn’t have asked for more.

Even when I fell because my heavy nephew decided to pounce on me with little hands tightly grabbing my hair, or when I had gravy (luckily not from the laksa) spilling onto my gown, I was still (surprisingly) happy and on a high. Doesn’t matter, I’m marrying my favourite man in the world and we had our beautiful friends and family around to celebrate with us.

And now, I’m back to our holiday in Bali. More details and pictures later!

Our little flower girl, Pinky’s niece, is now down with chicken pox. And even if she recovers by our wedding day, her little brother would most likely have caught it.

So now, a few important family members won’t be able to join us in Singapore.

C’est la vie.