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2 weeks in 4000 photos in 2 minutes.

I love this holiday video by the talented Mike Matas.

And this would make such a cool wedding (or honeymoon) video. All you need (I think), are photos (lots of them! Especially if they were taken in quick succession), and iMovie. I’m going to go dig up all our wedding day photos again.


I know I’ve been quiet.. but that’s only because I’ve been quietly toiling away on all our DIY wedding stuff….which I will post when I have a spare moment.

The invites have been written, stamped and sealed with kisses, and are probably on a jet plane to Singapore..or, God forbid, stuck at customs. I’ve started on our ceremony paddle fans which I’m really chuffed about, but most of all, our website, thanks to help from my super efficient brother, is now complete. 

I wanted to stay anonymous on this blog, but heck..I’m too proud of this site now. *shameless grin*


backfullcircle ©2011

Some time ago, I created the graphics for a mini animation for our long overdue website.

Today, my lovely brother brought it to life with his magic touch (also known as flash skills).

It’s just a first draft, but I am so excited about it I am sharing it here!

‘Mandatory’ video montage for the wedding reception? At least do it with style!

Thanks to YJ again, I came across this series of photos by Irina Werning, named ‘Back to the Future’. Awesome!

It’ll be funny if we had to recreate our old photos.. I remember seeing one of little Pinky kicking a ball, complete with furrowed brows and perfect Fabregas-esque poise…hardly different from today except he’s now grown of course.

Here are a few of my favourites from Irina.

Do you remember watching Morph as a kid? I absolutely love the little clay man..and the stop motion animation that was used to create it. So imagine my delight when I came across Raihan & Sophia’s e-invite by the talented Rekord Haus! (Raihan & Sophia have a rocking blog do check it out)

Here’s another cute little animated e-invite by Rekord Haus. The inspiration for telling our story on our website!

Or there is the Desperate Housewives’ opening theme which I have already used as inspiration for a couple of projects because I think it’s so amazing, even now.

As we are unlikely to have extra pennies to spend for someone to create this for us, it will have to be done (partly) by yours truly. But for the final dash of magic to bring it alive, I believe my dearest brother will need to be offered a bribe tons of gratitude and a big fat red packet!