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What cute wedding cake toppers from Lace & Rubbish. Hardly rubbish. I love how individualistic these are.


I thought it was quite apt to re-post a picture of the vintage, beaten-up suitcase I had bought a long time ago. It has now been re-gutted, re-lined (with a vintage spotted fabric) and I couldn’t resist getting mini Pinky to pose in it.

2 more days before we fly!


3 months to the big day.
This is a dangerous time.
Because I become kiasu. And no longer will I look at a wedding item I like and think, ‘oh there’s plenty of time to keep looking. I’ll be able to find a good deal later.’
No. Now, it’s a case of ‘I like, I must get’.

So here’s my latest purchase.



To be fair, I had seen this at Selfridges more than 12 months ago and was dying to get my hands on it, but not at the asking price. Now that I’ve found it for cheaper, both at Cox & Cox, and Hunker Down, I deserve this little piece of enjoyment!

I wanted to post more on similar signs, as I have come across many for ‘Mr & Mrs’, ‘LOVE’, the lot…but unfortunately I need my beauty sleep.

However, here are the websites you can find them in:

sorry my fellow Singapore bridezillas-to-be…I ‘ve not found any shop in Singapore selling similar signs as yet. If you have, please post a comment!


Sometimes inspiration comes in unlikely places (ie. Not yet another wedding magazine or wedding blog), but it’s no surprise that we found it in a Monsoon shop.

It’s also nice that both Pinky and I clocked the ideas to steal at the same time. It’s not often that we see eye to eye on design! He’s getting better 😉

Old battered suitcases and colourful birds.. Exactly what we’ve been looking for.

Almost wished we could grab those lovely birdcages and vintage cases.. And run!

Ebay is great. After a long wait and the grand sum of £2.26 later, I am the proud new owner of an old piece of suitcase that has probably seen much in its previous life. Scratches, splash marks..I wonder what tales it would tell if it could speak. But battered as it is, it’s a sturdy case that will look great as part of our photo booth setup at the wedding.

All it needs is a good polish and for the insides to be ripped out and re-lined, although I am a little reluctant to throw away part of its history. There is however a secret compartment that has been protected by plastic and I intend to keep that intact.

My only dilemma is whether to re-line it to stand in a ‘V’ as it is, or as an ‘L’ with one side lying flat. Any suggestions?

I am also deliberating if one case is really enough…..;)

Whether used as a travel case or repurposed as a bedside table, cabinet, armchair, cat bed, you name it..  it’s a charming piece to have in the home. A stack for our bedroom would be great!

If you can’t bear the hassle of cleaning out an old suitcase, has some great refurbished vintage suitcases.

I just found these hilarious buttons/badges on Cox & Cox which I had featured here before. Very tempted to get them! Luckily for me (and not so for them), they are out of stock until March so I won’t make an impulse purchase.



Such a cute idea! I came across this on a lovely blog by food and prop stylist Sweet Paul.

If you’re having a quirky or carnival-esque or fete-esque wedding, I can’t see why you can’t have this (or a glammed up version if you wish) as a cake topper or as place cards for your guests.

Which reminds me, I did make a mini Pinky kicking a football as a cake topper for his 30th last year!

Definitely easy to do and won’t break the bank…and I’m sure it’ll bring a smile to your guests’ faces.