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2 weeks in 4000 photos in 2 minutes.

I love this holiday video by the talented Mike Matas.

And this would make such a cool wedding (or honeymoon) video. All you need (I think), are photos (lots of them! Especially if they were taken in quick succession), and iMovie. I’m going to go dig up all our wedding day photos again.


What cute wedding cake toppers from Lace & Rubbish. Hardly rubbish. I love how individualistic these are.

This is a little overdue, but I finally found the time to photograph our painstakingly put-together wedding favors. And when I say painstakingly, I do mean every sense of the word.

Not content with just a standard box for our bird tea strainer favors from Sheraton, I had to give them a bit of oompah loompah. To complete the favor, we added a small packet of loose Earl Grey Tea (with pretty blue cornflowers!).

And brewing suggestions.

And a chiffon wrap.

And another personalised tag.

It’s all great..but who does most of the hard work? My poor mum. Two nights sat on the cold hard marble floor, twisting the peach packages into little works of art while she glances at the TV over the rim of her glasses. Because she ‘used to make clothes and doesn’t trust anyone else’ to do a better job than her. (Aren’t mums the greatest?)

So here are the photos:

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And what I made these with:

1. Chiffon or any other wrappable material – Bought from Chinatown

2. Satin ribbon – Bought from Chinatown

3. Plastic bags – Bought from shop that sells packing material, Eastpoint (or similar opposite Golden Landmark Shopping Centre)

4. Paper tag for tea bag – Paper from Fancy Papers, Bugis, designed and printed on home inkjet printer

5. Outer tag – Bought from ebay

6. Birds monogram – Customised stamp from Singapore Rubber Stamp Maker at Everton Park; turquoise stamp pad from Spotlight

7. Lots of love and hard work

I thought it was quite apt to re-post a picture of the vintage, beaten-up suitcase I had bought a long time ago. It has now been re-gutted, re-lined (with a vintage spotted fabric) and I couldn’t resist getting mini Pinky to pose in it.

2 more days before we fly!





Alam Ubud, Bali

Flights to Bali, checked. Hotel in Seminyak and Ubud, checked.

It appears we are going on a honeymoon after all. And I cannot wait. First to marry the most important man in my life. And then to spend our next week doing nothing, such as soaking our skin in this infinity pool. And yoga. I need yoga. A good stretch and zoning out to the view of lapping waves in Seminyak or rice paddies in Ubud.

4 more days before we are homeward bound!

I finally collected my dress yesterday. My suitcase is 70% packed. My braces come off on Tuesday. I have my long to-do list ready for Singapore. I have a half-lined vintage suitcase to be finished tomorrow. And the video montage… erm. I’ll have to try my best to finish it!

so, 18 months of planning almost over. wow.




I think I’ve just found our recessional music.

I am super loving Jon Schmidt. Here’s Love Story Meets Viva La Vida.

As for the processional music, I’ve always known it to be Canon in D, but everyone uses it. Until I found the version also by Mr Schmidt – Canon with U2’s ‘With or Without You’. Still contemplating!

I know I’ve been quiet.. but that’s only because I’ve been quietly toiling away on all our DIY wedding stuff….which I will post when I have a spare moment.

The invites have been written, stamped and sealed with kisses, and are probably on a jet plane to Singapore..or, God forbid, stuck at customs. I’ve started on our ceremony paddle fans which I’m really chuffed about, but most of all, our website, thanks to help from my super efficient brother, is now complete. 

I wanted to stay anonymous on this blog, but heck..I’m too proud of this site now. *shameless grin*


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