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so…I’m sorry, I tried. But I couldn’t get back to writing. You see, I am a very visual person.

Pinterest is where I’m at now, so if you happen to chance upon this blog and like what I had found before, you might like my new home.

till then! xx


Yay! We’re now featured on ExtraOrdinary Weddings!  Having been there, done that, and poured all our heart and soul into planning our big day, I can only hope there are brides out there who would find some inspiration from it.

And of course, if anyone ever needs tips from an ex-bride, just drop me a line!

Our little flower girl, Pinky’s niece, is now down with chicken pox. And even if she recovers by our wedding day, her little brother would most likely have caught it.

So now, a few important family members won’t be able to join us in Singapore.

C’est la vie.

Wow. Our first wedding present!

Pinky’s sister and brother-in-law thought they’d let us have this first, as we might need it for the wedding.

What I love – it’s even got our names engraved! (now Pinky can’t hog it as it is half mine too)


why 001? because I think there will be more.

I’ve just fired off a complaint letter to the hotel. And it’s actually not the first. I have a florist who seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth even from the word ‘go’!

It’s been many months. I have about a month left. Nothing’s happened. Brilliant!

Rob Ryan is one of my favourite illustrators. His beautiful, meticulously hand-cut illustrations never fail to melt my heart or set it a-flutter. So when I saw this Rob Ryan card for Roger La Borde at Graham & Green I couldn’t resist buying it.

It’s how I feel with Pinky sometimes. And I think I will write him a little note before the big day.

Can we shall we?
One day soon,
Let us go away
together just you and
me, call in sick and go
to the sea and hold hands
all day, eat our sandwiches
on the train, get drunk on
fresh air and come home
tired and never tell

Image from Jo MaloneImage from Jo Malone

Sensibility got thrown out the window when I was searching for my signature wedding scent.

I just splurged on a perfume and body creme (wallet winced at the price tag.. It’s just a body creme right?) from Jo Malone.

I don’t usually wear perfume… but when I do, I prefer purer scents such as those from perfume oils. Scents to me have to mean something, since they have the ability to trigger memories. And then I found Jo Malone. Many a time have I lingered around the ‘tasting bar’ in the duty-free Jo Malone shop @ Heathrow Airport, subjecting my nose to a plethora of heady perfumes and getting lost in the different notes they have to offer.

Nectarine Blossom & HoneyI keep returning to the Nectarine Blossom & Honey fragrance, although it always felt like it needed something else to elevate it.  When I found that I could mix their perfumes (because they are so pure) to create my personal scent, I set about spritzing and sniffing like a professional nose in their bar. Et voila! My scent – a blend of Orange Blossom with Nectarine Blossom and Honey.

And because their body creme is so strongly scented, I decided to go for one of each in different scents. Yay to soft skin and longer lasting fragrance.

I smell like a secret garden.

Ps. Smelling coffee beans helps clear your nose for new smells.

Pps. L’Occitane does beautiful pure fragrances too. I love their Jasmine scent.. But pinky found that CK’s eternity smells almost like it and is cheaper!