Never thought I’d say this so soon..we bought a bed!

It’s a strange sensation. It is our first purchase for the house and it seems to hold a lot more symbolism to me than I thought. So we will have a new bed, and I don’t even know how our room – or all the other rooms –  will look like yet. (Transforming this house we live in was meant to be the next big project).

Why the rush?

According to Mummy-of-Bridezilla, and the geomancer she has painstakingly consulted, next month is the seventh lunar month so we will have to set the marital bed next Saturday, or at 2am on a Wednesday the following week.

Now, I don’t believe our marriage is going to be any less blissful without these auspicious Chinese traditions, and was going to abuse the fact that I live on the other side of the planet so Mum will not actually know if I did get a new bed, place a few oranges on the bed and got a young boy to roll on it.

But she has good intentions, and having to lie to her if we did not follow the tradition would just start the whole wedding on a wrong foot.

So now we have a bed. And I am very happy with it. Pocket sprung mattress, deep chocolate brown faux leather headboard and bedstead with 4 drawers. We’ve got the fluffy pillows. Now all we need is luxurious egyptian cotton sheets with a million thread count!

To read more about the bed setting / an chuang traditions, try this blog.