Image from Jo MaloneImage from Jo Malone

Sensibility got thrown out the window when I was searching for my signature wedding scent.

I just splurged on a perfume and body creme (wallet winced at the price tag.. It’s just a body creme right?) from Jo Malone.

I don’t usually wear perfume… but when I do, I prefer purer scents such as those from perfume oils. Scents to me have to mean something, since they have the ability to trigger memories. And then I found Jo Malone. Many a time have I lingered around the ‘tasting bar’ in the duty-free Jo Malone shop @ Heathrow Airport, subjecting my nose to a plethora of heady perfumes and getting lost in the different notes they have to offer.

Nectarine Blossom & HoneyI keep returning to the Nectarine Blossom & Honey fragrance, although it always felt like it needed something else to elevate it.  When I found that I could mix their perfumes (because they are so pure) to create my personal scent, I set about spritzing and sniffing like a professional nose in their bar. Et voila! My scent – a blend of Orange Blossom with Nectarine Blossom and Honey.

And because their body creme is so strongly scented, I decided to go for one of each in different scents. Yay to soft skin and longer lasting fragrance.

I smell like a secret garden.

Ps. Smelling coffee beans helps clear your nose for new smells.

Pps. L’Occitane does beautiful pure fragrances too. I love their Jasmine scent.. But pinky found that CK’s eternity smells almost like it and is cheaper!