copyright ©maybs

copyright ©maybs

Pardon the mushy pun in the title, but this has indeed been a labour of love.

When Pinky came home one day to see me covered in gold dust (OK, only my hands), meticulously cutting each envelope liner out from rolled up sheets of handprinted wrapping paper, he went, ‘Why?’

‘Erm. It’s nice?’

But that’s why I’m a designer and he’s not. Because I’m a sucker for details and no, I cannot live with myself if I have no envelope liners and no blind emboss of our monogram on the envelope flap, which nicely enough, our guests can run their fingers on. I’m exaggerating of course, but this is something I hope to keep for years and years and still think I did a bloody good job of designing. (and show off to our grandkids!)

Anyway, there is a an advantage of having your BFF live in a totally different timezone to you. Because when I slightly panicked at half past midnight about how pimp the envelope liner looks, it was a civilised 8pm in North America and she could provide words of assurance. I have grown to like the paper now BTW – the gold matches the Sheraton’s elaborate gilt frames.

It is useful having extra samples of the envelope you are using.

To make your own envelope liners:

1. trim 2 to 3mm off the left and right (I trimmed a little off the bottom too) of an envelope in the same size.

2. cut off the glue strips on the flap.

3. make sure it fits well into your envelope

4. voila! you have a template to use on wrapping papers or even fabrics!

if you need to make many liners, it might be worth using a thicker card as your template.

To stick the liners on, you can refer to this video, though I would advise against pressing down on the flap with your ruler still there. Surely you’ll get a crease from the ruler where you don’t want it!



As for the monogram, I invested in a portable seal embosser. It was good having a sample of the same envelope, which I folded in half and used as a positioning guide.

I do have my invites as well, and I’m really pleased with the outcome. But I am keeping that as a surprise till they have been sent out en masse!


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