Look what just landed in the post!


A big, ugly, blue and grey brick from the 90s. I might be quite ashamed of myself if I was a Fujifilm Instax 100.

But at the same time, because it’s so retro and childlike-plasticky, I like it! You can’t find a more down-to-earth instant camera than this.

It uses wide format instant film like its descendants (Fujifilm Instax 200 and 210). It’s not as cute as the bubblegummy instax mini but at least you still get a generous sized photo without having to pay the price of the real Polaroid films.

And this brick, is what we’ll be having for our wedding photo booth.

You might hate the look of it, so the following are other alternatives if you are looking for an instant camera for your photobooth.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 7 (1) / Mini 7s (2)
Cute, and comes in a variety of colours so you can pick one to match your colour theme. The white one is the 7s. Probably the most wedding friendly of the lot. The only disadvantage? Tiny pictures. But that might not be a big issue.

Polaroid Sx70 (3) & Polaroid 600 (4)

Ah! Here’s the real deal! I loved this when I was a student. You can still get the retro Polaroid cameras such as the 600 on ebay but the film is hard to get. Polaroid stopped production some years ago, but thanks to the folks at the Impossible Project, it has been revived. The film, along with the cameras and accessories, are available on their website.

Diana+/F+  AND  Instax (5)

Fancy some lomo-licious shots at your wedding? I was really excited when I found you could get an add-on that lets you take wide format instant shots using the gorgeous Diana and Fujifilm Instax film. But if I were you, I’d keep Diana all to myself…..

If you’re after more polished looks, you could:

a. set up a digital camera hooked up to a portable printer such as the Polaroid PoGo (6)

b. hire a photo/video kiosk such as the BaiCapture (available in Singapore and Philippines) (7)

c. hire a vendor with the full works  –  backdrop, props, photographer, and then instant prints. Party Paparazzi in Singapore is a great one to look at.

The last time I checked, it could be more cost effective to hire Party Paparazzi than to have the Polaroid camera and films. BaiCapture is the most expensive option but could be worth it as it comes with video too. Plus, it’s hands-free!

When all that is sorted, sit back and watch the magic happen!