3 months to the big day.
This is a dangerous time.
Because I become kiasu. And no longer will I look at a wedding item I like and think, ‘oh there’s plenty of time to keep looking. I’ll be able to find a good deal later.’
No. Now, it’s a case of ‘I like, I must get’.

So here’s my latest purchase.



To be fair, I had seen this at Selfridges more than 12 months ago and was dying to get my hands on it, but not at the asking price. Now that I’ve found it for cheaper, both at Cox & Cox, and Hunker Down, I deserve this little piece of enjoyment!

I wanted to post more on similar signs, as I have come across many for ‘Mr & Mrs’, ‘LOVE’, the lot…but unfortunately I need my beauty sleep.

However, here are the websites you can find them in:



sorry my fellow Singapore bridezillas-to-be…I ‘ve not found any shop in Singapore selling similar signs as yet. If you have, please post a comment!