In order for Pinky and I to wed in Singapore, he would need to produce proof that he is not married to some woman somewhere , of whom I would have been blissfully unaware of in our seven years together.

I have been batted around from the ROMM to British High Commission to Singapore High Commission to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office to the our local registry office. Pinky’s appointment today to obtain a Certificate of No Impediment was cancelled at the last minute because the local registry office suddenly realised they are not able to issue one to him. Great.

To cut the long story short, if you or your spouse is a British Citizen and you are getting married in Singapore, the document you really need, is the Letter of No Trace. You can order it from the General Register Office free of charge, at 0845 603 7788.

Pinky had to surrender the following information:

1. Date of arrival in UK (needs to be more than 18 months)

2. Date of birth

3. Original city and country of birth

4. Father’s name

6. Address

It will take approximately 1 month for the letter to arrive.

But it’s done now. We can, hopefully, get married.