One of the things I learnt about keeping our wedding budget in check was deciding early on the top 3 things we were willing to indulge in.

It was important for us that we had great food, great decor and great music (erm. the wedding gown that went above budget is another matter). And when it came to music, nothing sets the mood better than a live band.

Recently we hired High Notes and I cannot be more pleased with our choice.

There are the music vendors who charge through the roof, the ones who take ages to reply or never bother, and the bands that give you goosebumps for all the wrong reasons. IMO, High Notes gives its competition a run for their money. We met up with Dale and Martin last December when we were back in Singapore, and they are genuinely lovely blokes. It took us a few months to finally decide on what we wanted, but they have been so patient and you can’t help but feel they are like friends who would go the extra mile for you.

Depending on the kind of music you want, there is a great line-up of talented artists managed by High Notes. Best to let the music speak for itself!

If you’re wanting more, here’s their youtube channel.

In my search for live music these were the other alternatives I had also looked at that are noteworthy –


Yours Truly


The Olive 3

Wedding Harmony