One thing I have learnt from planning our wedding – expect the unexpected, and you will not turn into the bridezilla from hell.

In the span of 3 weeks, it seems –

1. My dearest BFF/MOH is now expecting a mini one and so will not be able to fly to our wedding *boo*

2. My wedding planner from the hotel has resigned (have I really been that demanding? ..tsk)

3. The designated florist we had met up with in December has had their contract terminated

4. My religious teacher and her husband (who was going to be our witness for the wedding ceremony) now have family commitments on our big day

5. And unsurprisingly, the guest list has grown bigger because our parents have suddenly decided they might be inviting Mr & Mrs So-and-So after all

I am gutted that some of the most important people to me will not be celebrating with us, but with the florist and wedding planner, it’s not neccessarily a bad change. Just different.

Luckily though, I am still marrying the same man!

And that’s the most important thing.