Beautiful, beautiful veil by Rosa Clara

One of my dear friends YL once told me she could just see me wearing a dramatic veil.

I would have loved to float down the aisle in a veil like the one above from Rosa Clara (my jaw hit the ground when I saw her entire veil collection), or sashay away in a stylish birdcage veil like this one below from Sarah Gabriel. (To learn more about different styles of veils, click here)

Veil with flower by Sarah Gabriel


In the end, I’ve decided to go for a simpler, perhaps more traditional veil. I’m loving veils with a sprinkle of twinkly crystals (a girl’s got to have her bling.. especially since my gown is so simple), but it could cost anything from £50 to £150.’s just a piece of tulle with some stuck-on crystals!

As if I have the capacity to take on another DIY project, I have taken it upon myself to make my own veil. Luckily not from scratch. Pinky’s sister had handed down to me a pretty, scalloped edge veil… 2 years before I was even thinking about getting married. It doesn’t quite go with my gown, so just 2 hours ago I attempted to remove the little embroidered bows daintily placed between the scallops. I made the mistake of removing first the one that’s going to sit right smack on my face – because the thread’s a little loose and frayed now (until I can rescue it with a blingbling)

An hour later, only 5 unpicked. 17 more to go!