Unlike some couples , Pinky and I do not have a song. Not one that both instinctively know is the song that defines us, that we have to have to have at our wedding.

There may have been the odd Jimmy Eat World songs that were on relentless replay when we drove past olive or lemon groves in Europe during summers past, or Snow Patrol (specifically Chasing Cars) as we chased cars down to the local mall during the weekends.. or Corinne Bailey Rae crooning ‘Just Like A Star’ as we swayed to its rhythm, our bare feet tapping away on the wooden floorboards of our light-filled room in Ronda.

But none of these are that suitable for the wedding reception.. and so for the past few months I have been keeping my ears open for songs that are and that strike a chord in us.

This is one of them. I’m not big on the tune, but I love the words.

Yesterday, waiting for today, to begin.

Take it all, and take it in.

Our lives are ready to begin.

Morning light burn through the door, let me in.

Home is right where we are.

This room, this place, this moment is all I need right now.

Casa Rosita by Mojave

How apt. I can just see Pinky and I, taking a moment to take it all in on our big day.

But like I said, not big on the tune.