I’ve had to suppress my excitement for a couple of days. But now I’m pleased to introduce Paper Tiger Press, ‘the only dedicated letterpress studio in Singapore’..and they are having a 70% sale! Style is affordable!

One of my favourite designs from this specialised letterpress studio is a gorgeous invitation card set featuring delicate lace as a blind impression. *delirious sigh* It doesn’t help that the colour scheme is very close to ours. *delirious sigh once more*

Even though I have only exchanged a couple of emails with Emily – the founder and creative director of Paper Tiger Press – it’s hard not to see the passion she has for her craft. (I’ve even received a short crash course about letterpress in Singapore!) I find it amazing that every piece of design is individually hand-pressed on an antique letterpress.

For brides-to-be, forget the bulk standard hotel invites. These are almost pieces of art you can frame  up for posterity.

Being a designer, or just someone who coos uncontrollably over beautiful objects, it is heartening and inspiring to see more and more independent shops and studios like this popping up back home in Singapore, with love for what they do at the core of it all. Seriously considering packing up my bags with Pinky in tow to set up shop in Singapore..at least it’s not so bloody cold still at this time of the year!

One day.