After months of deliberation, we have finally come to a conclusion. We will not have any dancing at our wedding reception…for many sensible reasons.

That puts to rest any ambitions of breaking into lightbulb-changing and dog-head-patting Bollywood moves midway through our first dance –– Probably for the greater good! Although my heart still sinks a little knowing that we won’t get to have a good little shimmy with our friends, it is no big deal compared to a worst case scenario if I we had insisted on dancing at our reception.

Pinky and I mused over lunch today that our wedding would have been a relaxed, lighthearted and intimate one in a backyard if we had our way. Or on a rooftop (a la 500 Days of Summer). Good food, good company, good music…and more possibly, dancing if anyone felt like it. No pressure. No trying to conform to preconceived expectations of a wedding.

The penny dropped. We’ll do a pre-wedding party for our closest friends, especially those flying 10846 km to celebrate with us. I’m almost more excited about this party than the actual wedding. Woot!