It’s been months, and I was slowly resigning myself to not being able to find any shoes as amazing as the Badgley Mischka ones in this post.

And then, just as I was on yet another round of the Debenhams shoe aisles I had only rummaged through recently.. these called out to me.

The heels. On Pinky’s mama’s lamp.

Champagne/Nude satin with touches of contrasting gold leather, these were at the right height since I will actually be able to walk yet not be looking down at Pinky’s quiff  (not that he’s short, you hear… all the beautiful heels these days tower at 4.5″ or 5″!..are women getting shorter?)

The best thing? The price tag. £29 (or S$60) after discount on top of another discount. *kaching* I’m so chuffed..especially since I’m a fan of Kurt Geiger shoes. Now all I need is a something little extra for them.

But (there’s always a but)… Pinky doesn’t like them so much.

Pinky: You are going for the vintage 1950s look isn’t it? Kinda like your dress. pause. I don’t really like that look.

Me: –_–

Actually I never thought of my dress that way. But yes, I have to agree that it has a slight old Hollywood glamour feel to it. And yes, I have a slight tendency towards vintage styles, though in my own defence I like to mix old with new. And how is a bow tie (Pinky) not 1950s?! So fingers – and toes – crossed I can pull the whole look together.

Anyway, in the past year of planning, I have decided weddings should be a personal expression/reflection of who you are…and so as long as I’m happy with my style… it doesn’t matter if someone else doesn’t. Yes, even Pinky! Besides, his opinions can sometimes fluctuate madly between two extremes –– I’m not surprised if he changes his mind again later.