Do you remember watching Morph as a kid? I absolutely love the little clay man..and the stop motion animation that was used to create it. So imagine my delight when I came across Raihan & Sophia’s e-invite by the talented Rekord Haus! (Raihan & Sophia have a rocking blog do check it out)

Here’s another cute little animated e-invite by Rekord Haus. The inspiration for telling our story on our website!

Or there is the Desperate Housewives’ opening theme which I have already used as inspiration for a couple of projects because I think it’s so amazing, even now.

As we are unlikely to have extra pennies to spend for someone to create this for us, it will have to be done (partly) by yours truly. But for the final dash of magic to bring it alive, I believe my dearest brother will need to be offered a bribe tons of gratitude and a big fat red packet!