3 nights. That was all I had to hunt down cheap deals for our wedding.

It wasn’t a lot of time – not when you’re bombarded at every corner by bargains of all forms, colours and sizes. Not to mention I needed to squeeze in time for hour-long massages and leisurely dinners – both important activities on my itinery for seemingly never-ending moments of unadulterated pleasure.

For brides thinking about shopping for their wedding in Bangkok, here is my list:

1. Platinum Fashion Mall

I visited this mall on the last day, a few hours before I was supposed to leave for the airport. I wish I could have a whole day to pick at everything here…but with the crazy traffic jams threatening to make me miss my flight, it was more like a mad hour of grab-whatever-you-can.

I saw many pretty bridesmaids dresses (I’m sure you can customise many of these), and an eye-boggling array of accessories – from pretty bejewelled headbands and fascinators to statement necklaces screaming to be noticed. If you’re short for time, try Level 5 and Level 3. The accessories are mostly on Level 5 and formal dress shops are on Level 3.  Remember to bargain!

2. Sirena

For wedding shoes! There is a branch in Siam Paragon which is near to MBK mall for more bargains – if your feet will take you further.

3. Sampeng Market near Chinatown

Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to visit this market, but I read somewhere that you can find many wedding items here. It definitely will be useful if you are looking to make your own outfits, as this is where you will find a wide range of textiles and haberdashery. Also lots of other knick-knacks at wholesale prices.

4. Sukhomvit soi 55

When we drove down this street I was greeted by wedding shop after wedding shop. (Especially now that my eyes are trained to pick up anything remotely wedding-y). Probably worth a visit if you are still looking for a dress.

5. MBK Shopping Centre

You can shop, eat, get a massage, have liposuction, all in the same complex. Arm yourself with a shopping list. Each floor has so many offerings it’s easy to get distracted. There are glittering jewelry shops for si dian jin and wedding rings. Or bring on the bling with heels smothered in diamante that are available in many shoe shops. I also chanced upon a shop on the ground floor that had a pretty collection of evening/cocktail dresses.


Shame on me for returning home empty-handed.