The magic word is ‘Spanx‘.

If there was any way I want to look good under my slinky duchess satin wedding gown, this would be it.

A discreet shape shifter favoured by Hollywood celebrities, I first heard about this wonder kit from YJ. And it lets you pee too, thanks to an all-cotton gusset! This will prevent your blushing bridesmaid having to hold your dress train up (over her eyes) as you desperately pull your pants down for a leak..a mean feat in a single toilet cubicle.


As you can see, it’s not the sexiest underwear in the world. So great for your wedding, not straight after.

I bought it on ebay since it was on sale and comes with free delivery. I hope it works, unlike most items I have bought online. :O At least I have tried the alternative Triumph and Wacoal body shapers when I was back in Singapore –– they only worked to boost a roll of flesh between bra and shaper.

Spanx might still be available at Tangs. Otherwise, it is also available for delivery to Singapore (and many other countries) at Spanx.