It was late. I had to throw out some informal invitational sort of wordings for our website that I wanted to launch SOON (before the flight deals for our overseas guests get snapped up).

I didn’t know it could be so hard! But then I’m fussy, and I needed it pitched at the right tone. Not stuffy and formal. Not like I had copied it off the internet. Short of calling up one of my bridesmaids –– who’s also a brilliant copywriter –– in the wee hours (that would be so bridezilla), I had a quick google for some inspiration, and look what the big wide web found.

Offbeat Bride, a blog that is an ‘ongoing celebration of couples who dare to walk off the beaten aisle’, had an article on invitation wording. And here are a couple of my favourites of Ariel’s favourites.

with joyous hearts
we invite you to attend
the wedding of


date, place, time.


food and merriment to follow

reception location


We joyfully invite you to our wedding celebration.
On this day we will marry the one
we laugh with, live for, dream with, love.

Please join
at Time
on Date
Two thousand and four


Buffet dinner and dancing to follow.


And luckily that gave me enough inspiration to write my own. Problem solved!