I absolutely adore bell jars.

Whatever they hold seem to be frozen in time, their scents and sometimes flavours sealed away, only to be delightfully released with the lifting of the heavy glass domes.

Pâtisserie des Rêves in Paris (far left) utilises large bell jars as part of their cake displays – très jolie! Bell jars in all shapes and sizes can be used to hold favourite items, a single bloom or a terrarium as a table centrepiece. At a dessert bar, they could also be cake domes for immortalising cakes and sweets until greedy hands get to them. I especially love those which sit on a pretty cake stand or on a tall slender stem.

The balloon-like bell jar is amazing, but part of a limited edition of 30 by Fabrica for Secondome.

And for bell jars on a budget, try inverted glass jars like the Halloween centrepiece with a crow!