I’m now 59min into  2011.

:: WARNING: This is a long first post of 2011…it had to be done! ::

Wow. On one hand I had wanted 2011 to come round quickly. But on the other, it feels as if it had tip-toed into my life without me even realising it. As my colleague S puts it – time flies when you’re having fun!

And it had been the most eventful year. Spent very much with loved ones. And in the air.

It felt like I never really left Singapore last year. I was back thrice, and Mum came to me for a 2-week girls-only holiday in Europe. It’s nice having “I’ll see you soon” instead of teary eyes and longing looks when we part at the airport, and actually meaning it.

And it’s nice having a month in total with Pinky and friends and family in Singapore. It almost feels like we have a life there. And it dawned on me I would love to have a life back home.

The year had also been peppered with work trips mixed with pleasure – Mumbai where girlfriend A took me sari shopping for the wedding; in Bangkok where the guys at work decided to throw me a ‘hen party’ (probably more for their amusement). Plus lots of Business Class perks from the airlines.

On the downside, dealings with Mum on the wedding front has been fraught with tension. I hate to say the Bridezilla within had reared her ugly head many a time. I hate to say I think I’ve broken my poor Mum’s heart a few times. It’s hard when you haven’t lived with your family for such a long time. And being as obstinate as I am, being told constantly how things should be done when I know how I want things to be done drives me cuckoo.

On work, love of my job has been replaced by exhaustion, and thus bochup-ness. I’ve stopped having a life. I’ve stopped being creative. But it will change in 2011. I’ll make sure of it!

So, in retrospect, last year’s actually been good. But I think in the midst of all these wedding preparations and hectic work, I need to occasionally step back and realise what really matters.

I’m taking to heart Rumi’s saying – “Close both eyes to see with the other eye”.

2011 is going to be gooooooooooddddd!