Wedding rings. Check! (phew!)

And so it marked a great start to a day of post-Christmas shopping today.

With two new pieces of metal that will seal the deal, I have also gained newfound knowledge of wedding rings, gleaned off the internet and my friendly Diamond & Fine Jewellery specialist (available on live chat – all day, everyday – perfect for panic-prone bridezillas).

Some tips here, you will have heard many times already. Sorry, I’ve not bothered with yellow gold because it’s not the look I was after!

#1. Do not mix metals. If you have a platinum engagement ring, get a platinum wedding ring. Platinum is harder and will wear away at white gold. Also, it is better to match an 18ct white gold ring with the same. A harder 9ct gold ring will wear away at an 18ct. However, this will only happen over a long period of time and may not be that noticeable. A 9ct is also obviously cheaper.

#2. Platinum or white gold? The whiteness of platinum does not fade, but it scratches easily. A white gold band ring less so, but it yellows quicker, and you’ll need to get it rhodium-plated if you want to keep it looking bright and white.

#3. There are other metals. Whether you want something more reasonably priced or unique, there are wedding rings made from less common materials out there (therefore the cheaper price tag). Depending on your needs, they could be a better alternative to the usual suspects. Below is a topline of the differences:

  • Palladium – actually gaining popularity as a metal for wedding rings, it is bright white like platinum but very hard so won’t scratch like it. And also lighter. (Available at Blue Nile Singapore)
  • Titanium – Highly scratch resistant. But as it is slightly grey, a matt finish is nicer. (Available at Lee Hwa)
  • Tungsten Carbide – Pinky would have loved this as he uses it at work to cut people’s teeth! :O Afterall, it is the hardest metal in the world. Similar properties to platinum.
  • Zirconium– Heavier than titanium. Not as grey as titanium. Scratch resistant. And because it heats to become black, there is the opportunity to create a unique wedding ring that is a contrast of black and silver.

#4. You DO NOT need to have a matching ring as your husband. Yes, you may want them matching. But it’s not a rule set in stone. Methinks it’s nicer to wear something that reflects your personality. Pinky and I are opposites!

#5. Consider ring wraps or guards. These come in different styles, and can be used as your wedding band. The advantage is that it enhances your engagement solitaire and keeps it protected. It’s also a chance to get more bling to make a wedding set! The disadvantage – the wraps/guards don’t work on their own, should you decide you do not want to wear your engagement ring some time in the future.

Happy shopping if you’re looking for wedding rings! The most important thing is you love it. You’ll have it for life! (Hopefully!)