I am amazed with how much time I can spend looking for an umbrella.

Or more specifically, THE red umbrella which will, as tradition goes, shield me from evil spirits as I ascend my carriage. Not to mention the rice and beans which (possibly) overzealous family and friends will throw at me to attract the attention of the gold chicken (from where?). Maximum usage time – five minutes.

But I might as well do it with style. On a budget.

And so suddenly I find myself in a world of umbrellas, some of which are heartstoppingly beautiful. I found the perfect umbrella. A fuschia pagoda parasol ala Carrie Bradshaw in SATC2, by Bella Umbrella. ella ella ehh.. Price? A heartstopping US$129.

In the end, my head and heart had to compromise. And I’m happy to say I have one more item checked off my wedding to-buy list. All I have to do is sit and wait for my red umbrella to arrive in the post!

For those with a deeper pocket, these umbrellas are just gorgeous:
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1. Battenburg Lace Parasol from Umbrellas.net; 2. Ruffled Umbrella from Bella Umbrella (This almost looks good enough to eat); 3. Signature Bella Magenta Pagoda Umbrella from Bella Umbrella (image from StyleUnveiled); 4. Signature Bella B&W Pinwheel Pagoda Umbrella from Bella Umbrella; 5. Gigi Feathered (ostrich to be exact) Parasol from Pamela’s Parasols; 6. Jewel Pom Pom Umbrella from Bombay Duck; 7. Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend Parasol from Pamela’s Parasols

And while we are still at umbrellas, here’s a cool table decor conjured up by Amorology  Weddings. Love the hanging crystal ‘raindrops’!

Raindrops on Roses