I just had the most surreal conversation with my future mother-in-law about Si Dian Jin over dessert and TV (Luckily there was the TV on to mask any awkward moments!). She then proceeded to show me the jewellery she was going to gift me on our wedding day, although she wasn’t exactly familiar with the custom. To be honest, I didn’t really know how to react, since I wasn’t really gagging for these ‘four pieces of gold’ (I’m not big on traditions as you can see). And methinks I am not socially adept enough to know how to accept big valuable gifts with grace and tact!

All I know is I am touched that she is respecting this tradition which my family places so much importance on. And that she is passing to me something precious her own mother-in-law and family had given to her. I don’t mind that they don’t come as a set. It is very unlikely I will step out of the house in matching bling necklace, bangle and earrings!. Also, it is more likely this will be safely kept and passed on to future generations (provided they deserve it!).

As the tradition goes, the gifting of the Si Dian Jin symbolises the mother-in-law welcoming and ensuring her daughter-in-law a roof over her head and a comfortable life. As much as I am uncomfortable with the amount of money that can go into a set, I can now somehow appreciate this tradition a little better.