I’m barely back in London and now I’m being sent back the same way to Bangkok for work. So since it’s going to be hard updating my blog from my phone, I’ve sneakily thrown together an inspiration board at work. (well at least I look like I’m working)

I’ve always been a big fan of Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland, and one of the first ideas I had for our wedding was a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party  in a garden setting (Not quite so mad but there will be a wide variety of hats for guests). That’s been thrown out the window for now (until I work some subliminal brainwashing on Pinky again)… but a little bit of Wonderland might still feature in our big day. 🙂

There’s so many ways to do it…I didn’t even know where to start! So here’s the first of a series of inspiration boards. Since there have been so many Wonderland weddings which have been quite literal in the way they are styled, I decided to take it further with a look that is only a slight nod to Caroll’s amazing world.

The cute red dress is from Zara (AW2010); see more of the delicately lopsided cake and tiny bites with a ‘kite’ at carolinetran.com; plant a topiary in a giant teacup for a whimsical centrepiece; turn table napkins into a big happy bow; create a Griffin&Sabine-esque guestbook; Conjure a sense of wonder at your party with huge helium-filled balloons; string bubbles around your neck with this cool accessory from MoMa; lastly, play on scale with these pop-up placemats.