Dear brides and grooms, apparently, the value of Pin Jin has climbed to $8888 as of this year, and of course, that’s also dependant on how many tables the family of the bride is taking.

If not for the people who matter back home, and the significance of having a wedding in Singapore, I would have pushed for us to have a cosy beautiful celebration for the absolute closest friends and family in Provence…

I wonder how much Chinese weddings cost in Singapore nowadays. And when it comes to dowries, when the line starts to blur between observing an age-old tradition and having as big a sum as possible so that you can outdo the Jones’ wedding (or in the Asian context, the Tans’ perhaps) , or at least not have to ‘lose face’. How are weddings to be a beautiful celebration of two people, when there is such a huge stress on money?

Traditions will always be traditions…but nowadays the ‘norm’ is getting a bit ridiculous.