It’s almost the end of our two-week-mad-wedding-planning-trip and it feels like we’ve barely scratched the surface.

It has still been a fruitful trip, as Pinky and I revisit our relationship in the quest to plan a wedding we can call our own. And for me, it means no more endless hours spent producing powerpoint slides only to have them rejected!

Interesting how these rejected ideas have crept back in though..with Pinky having no recollection of me ever suggesting them to him (this ALWAYS happens! *narrows eyes*). Then again, this is probably the best way to get him to agree with ideas I want – I call it subliminal brainwashing. The ideas have to be sown while half his mind is focused on FIFA 2011 or Call of Duty II.

Anyway, I now have my bolero! Yes, completed 9 months before the actual day! Jody from Jody Apparel @ Far East Shopping Centre is super quick and good, and she has squeezed in this little job of mine even though their sewing machines are overflowing with swathes of fabrics for Christmas dresses.  Here’s a peek of part of the bolero (after it’s been instagrammed):

So here’s our completed checklist.

1. Recce Sheraton.

2. Meet wedding planner from Sheraton.

3. Hair & Makeup trial x 2

4. Cake sampling x 3

5. Sort out bolero

6. Sort out suit

7 . Meet florist

8. Meet music agencies/bands

9. Meet photographer

10. Pinky’s conversion

11. Check out Guo Da Li items

And we’ve even managed to get Mum’s mother-of-bride-dress (yes I know it’s way early..we are all very kiasu), squeeze a few meet-ups with my friends, shopping, as well as satiated most local food cravings. It’s been tiring but fun…and I’m not sure I’m ready to get back to normal life yet!