The past week I’ve felt like a headless chicken, but today I’ve found my footing. I finally found the material for a bolero to go with my wedding gown! And very much within our budget.

Having bounced back and forth between lace and satin, and being taken aback by just how much bridal studios charge to custom-make a bolero (S$380 to $1000++), I decided to take my design to a tailor and so bought embroidered tulle with a bit of bling from a little shop, Royal Fabrics (very nice man) in Arab Street. At half the price! I can now tell the difference between the different types of laces.. But I’m very happy with embroidered tulle because it’s exactly what I wanted. I just hope it will turn out nicely when it’s been cut and stitched into a little bolero!

In this week we’ve also met up with Dale Cheong from High Notes, and I hope we get to use them (still deciding on the type of music we want) because they are great! Pretty cool that we actually share some common friends/acquaintances. As for the other bands or entertainment agencies, they are either a) too expensive;  b) took too long to get back or c) are a burden on the ears (I’m sorry..some are really cringeworthy..especially for our budget I guess!).

We’ve also travelled a loooong way to Woodlands for some cake from Simply Cakes. Tina was really friendly and has one of the best-smelling kitchens in Singapore. We could see some really funky cakes she was making (there were some sushi look-alikes which look too good to eat) We took some samples home – 4 pretty little cakes with . The chocolate cake was moist though I preferred the taste of the vanilla cake with chocolate swirls…and the marshmallow fondant was chewy and not too sweet. Very homemade. But we realise that is why it is not that suitable as a wedding cake for us (not that we want some pompous multi-textured cake from a michelin-starred chef). I also learnt the hard way that there is now something called a Circle Line (yes we could have changed trains at Paya Lebar and shaved 20 minutes off our journey)..and that Woodlands is the worst place in Singapore to catch a taxi…

Other than that, met up with some old friends and realised how much I miss them and Singapore, and how great the wedding will be when we have this same company.