I was image-googling for a project at work when I found this today – A bridezilla cake eating contest!! :O

As much as I LOOOOOOVE cake, you will never see me gorging my face with cake (but only because I will be doing so behind the closed doors of our private bridal suite).

Choosing a wedding cake, AND cake sampling, has got to be my FAVOURITE part of wedding planning. It makes me happy, all those beautiful pictures of perfectly formed and iced cakes on the web. I could almost be licking my screen. But choosing our wedding cake is a slightly tricky task. Simply because our cake has got to be both halal and vegetarian.

That rules out a lot of cake companies that make beautiful cakes, such as canele or The Patissier. But I have found a couple, and have already called them up to make appointments for cake-tasting when we fly home. Though really, two isnt’t enough is it? Ten will be more like it. 😉

First up, we have Caffe Pralet from Creative Culinaire Cooking School. And we have already decided from their webpage that we want a chocolate ganache cake with buttercream frosting. Next, we will also be meeting Chef Norsini from weddingcakes.sg. Apparently they have mastered the art of chocolate fondant for their cakes. mmmm!

We have yet to decide how the cake will look like, though we agreed that we prefer something classic. This after Pinky threw out the idea of a profiterole croquembouche (says it looks like a pile of horse poo!), anything too boho, or over-creative. Which is perfectly fine with me. At least it will not be a boring fruitcake with marzipan. Or *gasp* a styrofoam cake. But I think it will be great if we can have a cake that borrows elements from my wedding dress :).

Anyway, here are some styles of wedding cakes (this is by no means an exhaustive compilation). In the next post I will try and have a list of Singapore wedding cake bakers!

Top row from left: cupcake tiers; macarons piled onto a cake (check out that greedy hand!); individual cakes which can also be tiered; wedding cake with fruits as decorations

Bottom row from left: novelty cake inspired by temari balls (signature of Maki’s Cakes); such a cute little cake!; croquembouche (I think I might have to agree with Pinky); simple, classic, beautiful cake… a little SATC with the ‘corsage’..ahh.