Did I mention there is a checklist before a checklist?

The past few days I’ve been trying to get my wedding head together, calling up vendors while walking to work with coffee in one hand, phone in the other, gym bag here, handbag there.. because there is no other time I have in my day to do anything weddingy.

Some time back, pinky and I selected ideas and looks we liked from my folders of references, which I finally threw together last night. But I’m not happy with it yet. It’s not really a look board, more like an inspiration board. I think it will take a few more rounds before it feels right.

The ideas:

1. We have birds for favours so they will make quite a bit of an appearance in our garden-themed wedding.

2. Graphic birds to be used on our website.

3. We want a simple and classic white cake with fresh flowers and iced decorations. But I’m not so sure about this cake anymore..

4. I love candles. I want candles. In vintage looking glasses, not these here.

5. Placecards – Didn’t want to do anything too over the top, nor something too simple. I’m leaning towards the idea of putting placecards in slots cut into a long tree branch. IF we can find that branch!

6. Instead of having notes of ‘congratulations’ from guests who are stumped on what to write, we thought it’ll be nice to prompt them with questions. That, combined with our photo corner.

7. Love the idea of a photo with us or guests holding a message.

8. I’m drawn to peonies. They probably cost a hell lot, but they top my list at the moment.

9. Sign for the kid’s room will be cool. YES WE ARE HAVING A KID’S ROOM!

10. Programme printed on fans for the solemnisation outdoors.

11. Table numbers. I started out taking black & white photos of our neighbours’ door numbers, then found these. (And I thought I had an original idea!) We’d like to have a bit of a story with the table names or numbers, but they may just look more simple and classy like the Table 20 card.

12. Definitely having pom-poms or lanterns to bring a punch of colour to the event.

13. Colonial-style white frame at the reception table. Not sure what to have on it yet.

14. I love topiaries! They are so cute! We may perch a few birds on them.

15. Still undecided on the colour themes. I’m tossing around pinks, champagnes/coppers/corals, aqua, spring green…

16. Almost forgot (so not in the board).. we also want to hang framed photos of us from a folding screen or tree branches with satin ribbons.

We are trying to keep the wedding classy but relaxed, personal but not quirky…let’s see how it pans out!