WOOHOO! We just booked our flights home to the sunny island of Singapore!
We were meant to come home in Jan/Feb…but the soaring ticket prices meant we had to get hold of discounted tickets for November.

But it also means we won’t be back until our wedding next year. Having to make decisions that most people will make 3 to 6 months later kind of scares me. But it has to be done!

I hope we get to enjoy some down time amidst the flurry of wedding planning though.


1. Revisit Sheraton Towers with HTB. Sort out all issues from food to flow of events.
2. Hair and make-up trials x 3
3. Check out live bands x 3
4. Make bolero for wedding gown (a little too early I must say)
5. Meet chosen photographer
6. Meet florist to discuss decor and flowers
7. Meet kadi/officiant to discuss what needs to be done and flow of ceremony
8. Pinky to get a proper conversion and papers before we can marry
9. Meet with printer to look at papers and envelopes available
10. Meet with Creative Culinaire to discuss cake and for cake tasting (My favourite part!)
11. Pinky to try out suits to find suitable styles
12. Possibly shop for Guo Da Li items if parents require us to include them

Fingers and toes crossed. This list might grow….