There are a handful of photographers who have inspired me.

One of them is shooting our wedding.

Another one of them, the only wedding photographer of the lot, but whom I can never afford, is Yitzhak Dalal.

Wedding photographer to many celebrities, he creates stunningly beautiful photos which radiates with the personality of the subject and draws you into the moment, yet is refreshingly different to all the wedding photography I have seen to date (and I have seen A LOT).

Since the beginning, Pinky and I knew we wanted a journalistic style of photography for our wedding. And I think Yitzhak’s photos embody everything we would like in the documentation of one of our most important moments in life together. We also love black and white photography..I always think they capture emotion much better because you don’t have the distraction of colour. But I think it might be wiser to have all our pictures in colour, and we can turn some into black and white pictures with a touch of Photoshop magic 🙂

No more babbling. Here, the pictures speak for themselves – just some of my favourites.