One of the interesting things I saw at the National Wedding Show on Sunday was The Video Kiosk from The Celebration Station.

Cheesy? Except the fact that it makes you look like you’re hosting a conference rather than a wedding, the results can be pretty good! Basically, people leave video messages for you as part of your video guestbook, and from the sample video they showed at the show, the clips can be pretty hilarious, provided your guests are anything but shy!

Here’s the link where you can find a sample video (not as creative as the one we saw).

It’s pretty new in the UK I believe, and I haven’t found any similar companies in Singapore that offers such kiosks for hire.

However, as an alternative, you can have photo booths for your guests at your wedding. In my earlier quest for one to keep guests entertained, I found The Party Papararazzi. (It’s probably the best mobile photo booth I’ve found, and pretty affordable too). The great thing is that they offer a treasure-boxful of crazy props, that even your grumpiest auntie will be striking her best pose with girlish giggles in oversized sunnies and a pink afro hairdo. They also have a cool selection of backdrops. Best of all, they are run by a couple of ladies with great charm and charisma. I say that from the first few emails I have exchanged with Evelyn, and from reading their blog. The only regret? We are not using them!

Pinky and I have are going DIY with our photo guestbook. We’ve got some ideas which I’m quite excited about, but I’m keeping mum for now! If like us, or many couples in the US/UK, you are happy to take on some stress of creating your own photo booth / photo guestbook area, check out these couple of posts from Green Wedding Shoes and Rock My Wedding.