Since I’ve been too quiet for a while, I’m actually going to be unleashing many random thoughts in this post!

Visited the National Wedding Show at Earls Court today..with Pinky in tow (miracle!). It’s the first time we’ve been to see anything wedding-y together, and I was really glad he agreed to go, since it’s so much easier planning it when I know what he likes/dislikes without having to go through a million visual references. Just glad he didn’t change his mind and run over to the Gamers exhibition next door!

I have realised that Pinky tends to gravitate towards black and white themes. As much as I like (yes, like..not love) it, I doubt it would work very well with the Sheraton (or..maybe it could). Besides, it might give my superstitious mama a heart attack if there was a massive amount of black. (Already, I’ve had to drop long tables, pearls, and can’t remember what else).

Anyway, I still thought I’d put a black and white board together, since it is a classic and elegant colour scheme and makes a dramatic statement for a wedding, or any party. The mood changes when paired with other colours. For example, raise the heat with red, or soften with a powder pink.

To be honest, I think if we had gone with Burkill Hall (which looks like the black and white colonial house on the left of the board), I might have gone for it!

So, today, we walked away with some ideas (sorry, no visual references for now!).

1. Now I know Pinky is not averse to me having coloured heels for my wedding shoes! (this was not the case 6 months ago!)

2. He likes the idea of flowers in a birdcage (though I think it might be overdone, unless we go with oversized birdcages)

3. We like how organza is draped and tied diagonally (instead of the usual symmetrical tie) on white chair covers, then secured with a big diamante brooch or a flower (but we may need to settle with just a bow).

4. He doesn’t mind how our wedding cake looks (though not too symmetrical or tall), as long as it looks classic.

5. We think it might be nice to have a huge flower centrepiece at the reception, especially if it smells nice (eg. lilies)

I’m sure things will change again in the next month. At the moment, I’m just overwhelmed by the things I need to tick off my checklist for this month, and I’m already overdue on creating the monogram or starting on the website. (Aaaaaahh!)