This is one of our earliest moodboards. Having obsessed myself with creating moodboards in the beginning (Pinky can attest to that..he was on the suffering end), it was very satisfying when we finally agreed on a theme. Our boards have since evolved.. but this is where it all begun..

Garden wedding. With a twist of colonial chic.

Since we had both wanted garden weddings, yet the best venue for us was at a small function room at Sheraton Towers, we decided to bring the garden indoors instead. To make it ours, we plan to throw in some British Colonial chic – this will help tie in all the elements from Singapore, London, and India. Luckily for us, Sheraton already has some colonial furniture in place! I am praying for fine weather on the day of the wedding though, as I am REALLY looking forward to tying the knot in their waterfall garden. 🙂

For our colour scheme, as much as I had wanted to avoid pink (only because I had been facing a lot of pink at work) and instead have refreshing turquoise with lime green accents, it didn’t suit the reception surroundings as well as pink and champagne. I still love the colours! But will sneak in flashes of pale aqua!