I have a habit of reading my mail or surfing the net on my iPhone the moment I wake up. Before my eyes are even fully opened, before I sit up on my bed, or brush my teeth. It helps me wake up fully. But today it did more than that. It was an inspiring Sunday morning. I had read an interview with Shana Faust (freelance stylist and former deputy style editor at Martha Stewart Weddings) by Holly Becker of decor8. ^_^

I think… I want to become a stylist.

It’s been bugging me for a while. I have been a professional designer for 8 years and I’ve climbed as high as I wanted. I love my job but I am craving..something else. A different creative outlet. Something that might allow me to slow down just a little and really enjoy what I am doing. With the wedding coming up, my priorities have shifted. I want to be able to freelance with reasonable hours so I can spend more time with my family, and in the not too far future, kids. (Who knows…the hours may just be as crazy being a freelance stylist!!) Anyway, it somehow made sense.

1. I’m a very visual person. I love juxtaposing things thus presenting them in a new light, or just making beautiful compositions – to tell a story ; provoke; inspire.

2. My favourite part of my job is coming up with concepts and throwing together moodboards to bring those concepts to life.

3. I’ve always wanted to be a food stylist (but I wasn’t very good at cooking/baking..then)

4. But, I’ve also always wanted to be a wedding planner (though I freaked out about the actual planning part. And facing bridezillas)

5. I spend a lot of my time poring and getting excited over pictures in wedding, interior, food magazines, clocking every interesting detail into my expanding visual bank so I can regurgitate them again later.

There’s more but I think I’ll bore.

Pinky thinks I’m taking a big risk starting something different. But.. is it really that different?

Anyway, bedtime! I leave you with an image of my ‘styled’ bedside table. And (better by a looooong way),  a couple of images by one of my favourite stylists – Grace Coddington, creative director at Vogue US, who conjures up the most amazing images with a whimsical edge.

From left: My golden phoenix necklace; a vintage-looking birdcage for my candles, with a feather on a stick from a wedding fair.

‘Alice in Wonderland’ shoot, even before Tim Burton’s movie made Wonderland popular again.